New Site

Posted 17 Sep 2018 by Joseph Dailey

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We’re happy to announce a brand new website!

What’s new?

  • We switched from Wordpress to Jekyll.
  • Visitors can now see previous members along with active ones.
  • A new space for blog posts as well as event listings
  • Mobile friendly
  • General improvements
  • Fixed some bugs; created new ones
  • A fresh new look!


KHK Delta is notorious for re-creating our website. As a student organization, our turnover for webmasters is quite high! In the past we’ve used CMS solutions like Wordpress and Drupal. These systems are powerful yet heavy and complex. They require multiple moving parts such as Apache, Wordpress, themes, plugins, databases. This all becomes a hassle when the site needs to be moved or updates.

This all did come with a lot of admin-convenience such as editing posts in a browser. Fortunately our solution fits our membership; we’re using Git! All of our files are human-readable right from within the repository. There are no databases. There’s no Wordpress settings. Thanks to markdown and YAML, finding, editing, and publishing content is easy.

Ultimately, the all-in-one solutions of the past turned out to be too much hassle. Our content is now quickly readable and easy to update. Site updates are done with the familiar tool, Git. We’re invulnerable to security attacks common to CMS solutions. Our site is much faster to load and works great on mobile.

Plus, we’re a computer engineering fraternity, our site should be built by us!

Check it out on Github.